Secret Baby

Don’t Stop Believing Novella

Life as a part of the Florida sharks can be tough,

But life with a fiery-tempered wife can be even tougher.

It’s incredible when that fire heats up the bedroom,

But could it also burn our relationship to the ground?

I will fight for her, always,

But how can I fight for her when she’s keeping things from me?

Can our marriage survive the flames?


Don’t Stop Believing is a follow up novella in the South Beach Bad Boys series. It continues Kina and Jacob’s story as well as the rest of the characters in the Don’t Stop Believing box set. It was originally a bonus novella in the Don’t Stop Believing box set but has since been revised and expanded with some new steamy scenes and story lines added. It contains no cliffhangers, no cheating and a very happy ever after.

Don’t Stop Believing Box Set

If word gets out, both of our careers will be ruined.
She decided to leave town so no one would find out.
She thought she should keep it a secret even from me.
But, just like when I took her innocence,
I always take what I want and claim what’s mine.
So I vow to find her, and protect them both.

But will the stakes be too high for our love to last?

Don’t Stop Believing is a box set containing the entire South Beach Bad Boys series of standalone but connected steamy romance novels, featuring alpha male athletes in Miami and the forbidden love they find with the curvy ladies who win their hearts. They contain no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happily ever after between each couple who reappear as the books go on so you can catch up with your favorite characters. This set includes a never before published bonus novella exclusive to this collection, in which all the characters appear.


My fall from grace was long and hard and my climb back was lonely.
In Callie, I finally meet someone who doesn’t know or care about my past.
But she shares a link to it that cuts much too close to my broken heart.
She thinks she can help me get back onto my feet again.
But I just want to bend her over and have my way with her.
Together, can we repair the tatters of my shredded life, or will I still be…


Ruined is a full length standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

Billionaire’s Secret Baby

I’ve always had my choice of women.

But I never thought I’d want to be tied down.
Especially not now.
I’ve been given a lot of money, and with hard work I’ve made it grow.
Now I have the chance to live my life for myself.
To be able to relish my freedom and be at one with nature.
But after that night I had with Cara,
I can’t stop thinking about her and her gorgeous curves.
I have a feeling she’s hiding something, though.
This secret may change everything I thought I wanted.
Am I ready to let go of my untethered lifestyle and become attached to the woman of my dreams… and our child?
Billionaire’s Secret Baby is a full length standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

Hot Daddies

I’m used to getting what I want.
Money, status, fame, women.
But then I meet curvy, feisty Juliet.
And she’s the only one I want to be with.
Suddenly I’m wondering why my heart is as tied up in her as my c*ck is.
I’m not supposed to be f*cking her, but I don’t want to let her go.
Then I find out she’s carrying my child.
She thinks it’s best for me if it stays a secret.
But I’m still going to get what I want.

I’ll protect her and our baby, for good.

Hot Daddies is a collection of 8 romance books about bad boy fathers and the mothers of their children who win their hearts. The themes include secret baby, single dad, and billionaire baby contracts. The books contain no cheating and no cliffhangers, but a HEA and plenty of steam. They are sure to warm your heart and heat up your Kindle!

The books you’ll get in this collection are:
First Comes Love
Don’t Say a Word
Knock Me Up, Boss 
Baby Wanted
Their Protector 
Hot Single Daddy 
Mountain Man’s Baby 
Hold onto Me

Lucky Daddy

Anyone looking in on my life from the outside would think I have it made.
It’s true that I have money, status and fame.
And any woman I could want.
But in my world it’s hard to find a woman to trust or truly love.
So I’d given up on looking. Until I met Janelle.
She was gorgeous and made my heart go wild.
But then I made a stupid mistake.
She hit the road, and I don’t blame her.
Three years later, I’m hoping for some luck.
Because ever since she left my bed she’s still been in my head.
And I want her back in my life.
I’m determined to find her.
But then I discover she may have taken a little something of mine with her when she left.
My child.

I may have had some good fortune in my life up until this point.
But I’ll only truly feel lucky if I can have her—and our baby— as my own, for good.

Lucky Daddy is a full length standalone Father’s Day themed secret baby romance. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers, a happy ever after and plenty of steam. Enjoy!

Don’t Say A Word

Lacey’s my assigned public relations manager.
She’s supposed to make sure I’m good from now on.
But they don’t call me a bad boy for nothing.
I take what I want, and I want a hot one night stand with her.
Before I know it, I’m addicted, craving just one more hit.
What results is sure to ruin both our reputations and jobs.
But I’m determined to claim what’s mine,
no matter what Lacey thinks she should keep from me.

Hush little secret baby… Daddy’s here for good.

Don’t Say a Word is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers. It features a muscular, tattooed billionaire bad boy athlete and a curvy, strong heroine who find their happily ever after.

Don’t Worry Baby

In high school I was the ugly duckling and Nick was the dreamy football star I tutored.
He didn’t pay me any attention back then, but now we’ve both ended up in Miami.
He’s hotter than ever, with a lucrative career on the rise.
Meanwhile, I shed my feathers and turned into a swan.
Now, he’s claimed my virginity but he still has no clue I’m the same girl from back then.
How do I tell the guy who pinned me up against the wall and f*cked me silly who I really am?
And how the h*ll do I tell him I’m pregnant with his child?

He has to know the truth. But will it mean losing my second chance with my first crush? 

Don’t Worry Baby is a standalone full length romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, a happy ever after and plenty of steam.

Don’t Let Me Go

I’ve been crushing on Nick since high school.

Back then, he was the popular jock and I was his nerdy tutor.

Now he’s a star athlete and I run into him again on campus.

He loves my curvy, hourglass figure.

But he doesn’t even know I’m the same girl.

One thing leads to another, and I find myself in his arms.

And in his bed. And he finds himself in my panties.

Then I find myself pregnant, with his baby.

How am I ever going to tell him two secrets at once?

Don’t Let Me Go is a box set of three books in the South Beach Bad Boys series (Don’t Come Around Here, Don’t Walk Away and Don’t Worry, Baby). Each book is a standalone but connected full length romance novel that follows a different member of a football team and his feisty love interest. The stories have no cliffhangers and no cheating, but they do have very happy ever afters and plenty of steam. This box set includes an exclusive bonus novella (Don’t Let Me Go) that shows the couples in the future.

Brother’s Best Friend’s Secret Baby


My best friend’s little sister was always adorable.
Then she turned seductive.
She kissed me at her sixteenth birthday party.
I knew he’d kill me for it, so I told her it couldn’t go any further.
But secretly, I’ve always wanted her, bad.
Now, we’re all grown up, and my best friend and I own a company.
When our new intern doesn’t show up, he gets an idea.
He says his little sister will help us out.
But I know that having her gorgeous curves around here will just distract me.
It isn’t long before I’ve got her on top of my desk.
It has to be our little secret, and her brother can’t find out.
But then I find out she’s pregnant with my child.
And I’m more concerned about protecting her than myself.
No matter what, I want to take care of that baby.
But with my company and friendship on the line, who’s gonna take care of my heart?