Don’t Let Me Go

by Eva Luxe and Juliana Conners

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I’m sleeping with someone who doesn’t recognize me from our past. And who also doesn’t know I’m having his baby in the future.

I’ve been crushing on Nick since high school.

Back then, he was the popular jock and I was his nerdy tutor.

Now he’s a star athlete and I run into him again on campus.

He loves my curvy, hourglass figure.

But he doesn’t even know I’m the same girl.

One thing leads to another, and I find myself in his arms.

And in his bed. And he finds himself in my panties.

Then I find myself pregnant, with his baby.

How am I ever going to tell him two secrets at once?

Don’t Let Me Go is a box set of three books in the South Beach Bad Boys series (Don’t Come Around Here, Don’t Walk Away and Don’t Worry, Baby). Each book is a standalone but connected full length romance novel that follows a different member of a football team and his feisty love interest. The stories have no cliffhangers and no cheating, but they do have very happy ever afters and plenty of steam. This box set includes an exclusive bonus novella (Don’t Let Me Go) that shows the couples in the future.

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Don’t Let Me Go