Don’t Stop Believing Box Set

If word gets out, both of our careers will be ruined.
She decided to leave town so no one would find out.
She thought she should keep it a secret even from me.
But, just like when I took her innocence,
I always take what I want and claim what’s mine.
So I vow to find her, and protect them both.

But will the stakes be too high for our love to last?

Don’t Stop Believing is a box set containing the entire South Beach Bad Boys series of standalone but connected steamy romance novels, featuring alpha male athletes in Miami and the forbidden love they find with the curvy ladies who win their hearts. They contain no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happily ever after between each couple who reappear as the books go on so you can catch up with your favorite characters. This set includes a never before published bonus novella exclusive to this collection, in which all the characters appear.

Baking for the Billionaire

I’ve never been a one-woman kind of guy.

Women constantly float in and out of my life.

Commitment was always the last thing I wanted.

That was until I met Zara, the pastry chef at my sister’s wedding.

Seeing her work so delicately and confidently

makes me want to lick frosting right off her curvy ass and luscious tits.

Usually all I want with a woman is a one-night stand.

So why the hell am I so intrigued by her?

I’ve never consciously ignored so many of my feelings at once.

But could spending a few hours with her change everything I thought I wanted?


Baking for the Billionaire is a full length standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.


My fall from grace was long and hard and my climb back was lonely.
In Callie, I finally meet someone who doesn’t know or care about my past.
But she shares a link to it that cuts much too close to my broken heart.
She thinks she can help me get back onto my feet again.
But I just want to bend her over and have my way with her.
Together, can we repair the tatters of my shredded life, or will I still be…


Ruined is a full length standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

Castaway Billionaire

I’m a starving artist, who does what I can to make ends meet.

I’m intrigued when I find out a stranger will pay me to come stay on an island with him.

Sure, he’s rather domineering and possessive.

He wants me all to himself… with no one else around… to do whatever he wants with me.

But it pays the bills and allows me to paint.

And have I mentioned that this billionaire is drop dead gorgeous?

He has trust issues, which is why he bought this whole secluded island.

All he wants is fun and games. Or so he says.

Then why do I get the feeling we’re falling for each other?

And how can I protect my heart while letting him have my body?


Castaway Billionaire is a full length standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

Mountain Daddy

I’ve just become a father and now a husband.

I was hesitant to give up my desolate, isolated cabin I called home.

But I’d do anything to give my princesses what they deserved.

Not to mention, to keep my marriage hot by taking my new wife every night.

Even if it means working my ass off as a lumberjack to afford it.

I don’t need my father’s billions to make me happy.

Nor do I want him hanging that shit over my head.

I can’t shake the memories I have of him from the past.

All the pain and sadness he caused.

He can’t just come back into my life and pretend like everything is okay.

He says he’s a changed man, and that I should forgive him for what he’s done.

Well, I’m not so convinced.

But if I keep letting the past hold me back, how can I move forward?

Maybe I’ve been wrong all along. Maybe people really can change…

Mountain Daddy is a follow up novella to Mountain Billionaire in the North Pines Billionaires series by Eva Luxe. It continues Zach and Paige’s story. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after. This second edition has been newly revised from the previous Mountain Daddy version and also contains lots of steam!

Lucky Charm

One day I’m at Starbucks, minding my own business, studying for an audition.
Suddenly a gorgeous stranger heads straight to my table.
She says her name is Hazel.
That her ex cheated on her with her best friend.
And that they’ve both just entered the coffee shop!
“Please pretend to be my boyfriend so I don’t seem so pathetic,” she asks.
Well, I’m an actor, aren’t I?
I brought my fortune to New York City from Ireland to pursue my dreams.
How can I resist the pleading from those pretty eyes that match her name?
And there’s no way my c*ck can ignore her plump @ss and curvy hips.
“I’ll do you one better,” I tell her. “Let’s pretend we’re engaged.”
It’s so much fun, we keep it up.
But we’re not really getting married on St. Patrick’s Day like we tell everyone, are we?
Maybe I’m playing the role a bit too well, because I find myself believing it’s real.
Lucky Charm is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a very happy St. Patrick’s Day and ever after, and a whole bunch of Irish flavored steam.

Lucky Daddy

Anyone looking in on my life from the outside would think I have it made.
It’s true that I have money, status and fame.
And any woman I could want.
But in my world it’s hard to find a woman to trust or truly love.
So I’d given up on looking. Until I met Janelle.
She was gorgeous and made my heart go wild.
But then I made a stupid mistake.
She hit the road, and I don’t blame her.
Three years later, I’m hoping for some luck.
Because ever since she left my bed she’s still been in my head.
And I want her back in my life.
I’m determined to find her.
But then I discover she may have taken a little something of mine with her when she left.
My child.

I may have had some good fortune in my life up until this point.
But I’ll only truly feel lucky if I can have her—and our baby— as my own, for good.

Lucky Daddy is a full length standalone Father’s Day themed secret baby romance. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers, a happy ever after and plenty of steam. Enjoy!

Lucky Soldier

Kyle and I grew up together in a small town.
His little sister Sommer used to be a pesky tag-along.
Then he and I served in the military, fighting overseas.
He didn’t make it, and his last words were to take care of Sommer.
When I get back home, I find that his baby sis is all grown up.
She’s traded her nerdy glasses in for some contact lenses.
And her bony teenage frame for womanly curves in all the right places.
My c*ck has no choice but to stand and salute.
I want to ravish her body. But I can’t. Can I?
Then Sommer’s grandfather gets sick.
So we invent a little white lie to cheer him up.
Sommer won’t be alone, we tell him, because we’re engaged.
The longer the charade goes on, the more I find myself believing it’s real.

But we’re not really getting married this Memorial Day. Are we?

Lucky Soldier is a full length standalone steamy romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

Lucky Firecracker

I was starting my life completely over.

The last thing I needed was a new guy in it.

Let alone a fake fiancée.

Yet there he was, a client at an office where I had a job interview.

When I heard he needed to a fake girlfriend, I stepped up to the task.

In fact, I stepped right up to him and kissed him, to prove our love was real.

Except it’s not. Right? We just met!

Sure, he’s handsome, rich, and everything I would want.

And now we’ve run with the story, saying it’s turned into an engagement.

But this is just pretend, to help him out.

We’re not really getting married on the Fourth of July… are we?

Lucky Firecracker is a full length standalone romance in a connected series of related characters. It contains no cliffhangers, no cheating, a happy ever after and heat as hot as a hundred fireworks exploding all at once.

Don’t Let Me Go

I’ve been crushing on Nick since high school.

Back then, he was the popular jock and I was his nerdy tutor.

Now he’s a star athlete and I run into him again on campus.

He loves my curvy, hourglass figure.

But he doesn’t even know I’m the same girl.

One thing leads to another, and I find myself in his arms.

And in his bed. And he finds himself in my panties.

Then I find myself pregnant, with his baby.

How am I ever going to tell him two secrets at once?

Don’t Let Me Go is a box set of three books in the South Beach Bad Boys series (Don’t Come Around Here, Don’t Walk Away and Don’t Worry, Baby). Each book is a standalone but connected full length romance novel that follows a different member of a football team and his feisty love interest. The stories have no cliffhangers and no cheating, but they do have very happy ever afters and plenty of steam. This box set includes an exclusive bonus novella (Don’t Let Me Go) that shows the couples in the future.