Lucky in Love Series

Connected steamy romance novels

Lucky Charm

One day I’m at Starbucks, minding my own business, studying for an audition.
Suddenly a gorgeous stranger heads straight to my table.
She says her name is Hazel.
That her ex cheated on her with her best friend.
And that they’ve both just entered the coffee shop!
“Please pretend to be my boyfriend so I don’t seem so pathetic,” she asks.
Well, I’m an actor, aren’t I?
I brought my fortune to New York City from Ireland to pursue my dreams.
How can I resist the pleading from those pretty eyes that match her name?
And there’s no way my c*ck can ignore her plump @ss and curvy hips.
“I’ll do you one better,” I tell her. “Let’s pretend we’re engaged.”
It’s so much fun, we keep it up.
But we’re not really getting married on St. Patrick’s Day like we tell everyone, are we?
Maybe I’m playing the role a bit too well, because I find myself believing it’s real.
Lucky Charm is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a very happy St. Patrick’s Day and ever after, and a whole bunch of Irish flavored steam.

Lucky Bunny

Tessa has a heart of gold and curves that are worth even more.

Fate brings us together during desperate times.
She needs money to rebuild her school for disabled kids.
And I need a fake wife, to inherit my father’s business.
I decide to make her a deal she can’t refuse.
Fake marry me on Easter Sunday. I’ll pay five million dollars.
But for that price, it has to include a real honeymoon…
in which we’ll f*ck like rabbits.
“Let me tie you up and have my way with you,” I tell her.
“It’ll be my very first time,” she says. Even better.
We’ll each help each other out, in multiple ways.
Then we’ll be done for good.
She agrees- and a deal’s a deal, right?
So why am I finding it so hard to walk away from her?

I never believed in mating for life. 
Now I want to make her my lucky bunny for good.
Lucky Bunny is a standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with a very happy Easter and ever after, and a whole bunch of steam.

Lucky Prince

Here I am, getting married but short a wife.
I’ll be stripped of my crown unless I can snag one.
Luckily I have the funds to pay handsomely for the right stand-in.
This should be easy, right?
Word has definitely gotten out. Everyone wants to be my new bride.
But when I find the perfect pretend princess, I don’t even know her name.
All I know is that she’s American and she likes to put up a fight.
I tell myself I’m only into her for the good of my kingdom.
But her captivating curves leave me spellbound.
And I want a smoking hot royal wedding night with her.
She runs out of my life just as quickly as she ran into it.
But this Prince Charming is determined to find her.

We’ll create the kind of ending that dirty fairy tales are made of.
And together we’ll live lucky, happy and naughty ever after.

* Lucky Prince is a standalone romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after. Our heartfelt congrats to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

Lucky Daddy

Anyone looking in on my life from the outside would think I have it made.
It’s true that I have money, status and fame.
And any woman I could want.
But in my world it’s hard to find a woman to trust or truly love.
So I’d given up on looking. Until I met Janelle.
She was gorgeous and made my heart go wild.
But then I made a stupid mistake.
She hit the road, and I don’t blame her.
Three years later, I’m hoping for some luck.
Because ever since she left my bed she’s still been in my head.
And I want her back in my life.
I’m determined to find her.
But then I discover she may have taken a little something of mine with her when she left.
My child.

I may have had some good fortune in my life up until this point.
But I’ll only truly feel lucky if I can have her—and our baby— as my own, for good.

Lucky Daddy is a full length standalone Father’s Day themed secret baby romance. It has no cheating, no cliffhangers, a happy ever after and plenty of steam. Enjoy!

Lucky Soldier

Kyle and I grew up together in a small town.
His little sister Sommer used to be a pesky tag-along.
Then he and I served in the military, fighting overseas.
He didn’t make it, and his last words were to take care of Sommer.
When I get back home, I find that his baby sis is all grown up.
She’s traded her nerdy glasses in for some contact lenses.
And her bony teenage frame for womanly curves in all the right places.
My c*ck has no choice but to stand and salute.
I want to ravish her body. But I can’t. Can I?
Then Sommer’s grandfather gets sick.
So we invent a little white lie to cheer him up.
Sommer won’t be alone, we tell him, because we’re engaged.
The longer the charade goes on, the more I find myself believing it’s real.

But we’re not really getting married this Memorial Day. Are we?

Lucky Soldier is a full length standalone steamy romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

Lucky Firecracker

I was starting my life completely over.

The last thing I needed was a new guy in it.

Let alone a fake fiancée.

Yet there he was, a client at an office where I had a job interview.

When I heard he needed to a fake girlfriend, I stepped up to the task.

In fact, I stepped right up to him and kissed him, to prove our love was real.

Except it’s not. Right? We just met!

Sure, he’s handsome, rich, and everything I would want.

And now we’ve run with the story, saying it’s turned into an engagement.

But this is just pretend, to help him out.

We’re not really getting married on the Fourth of July… are we?

Lucky Firecracker is a full length standalone romance in a connected series of related characters. It contains no cliffhangers, no cheating, a happy ever after and heat as hot as a hundred fireworks exploding all at once.