Castaway Billionaire

by Eva Luxe

Sale: $2.99


This handsome, hurt billionaire wants to have his way with me. What if I end up loving it?

I’m a starving artist, who does what I can to make ends meet.

I’m intrigued when I find out a stranger will pay me to come stay on an island with him.

Sure, he’s rather domineering and possessive.

He wants me all to himself… with no one else around… to do whatever he wants with me.

But it pays the bills and allows me to paint.

And have I mentioned that this billionaire is drop dead gorgeous?

He has trust issues, which is why he bought this whole secluded island.

All he wants is fun and games. Or so he says.

Then why do I get the feeling we’re falling for each other?

And how can I protect my heart while letting him have my body?


Castaway Billionaire is a full length standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after.

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Castaway Billionaire