bride wanted
bride wanted

Bride Wanted

by Eva Luxe, Juliana Conners

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I never thought I'd be fake married to my one true love.

My father is sick and bills are piling up.
A billionaire matchmaking service seems to be the answer to my prayers.
They say someone will pay over a million dollars to be with me.
There’s just one catch.
He wants me to be his temporary wife, for business reasons.
When I go to meet him, I find out there’s another catch.
He’s my ex- and my first and only love!
I was saving my body for him… until he broke my heart.
He says he had no idea he was being paired with me.
But his cocky smile says otherwise.
And his sky blue eyes flash with delight when he finds out I’m still a virgin.
He’s the domineering type and wants to do some very dirty things with me.
I tell myself I’m only in this for the money. I won’t let him hurt me again.
But he’s still hot as hell and now he’s rich as f*ck.
It seems he demands a lot, including one more chance.

They say money can buy anything, but it can’t fix a broken heart.
That one’s up to him.

Bride Wanted is a full length standalone novel featuring a dominant alpha male and curvy heroine, with no cliffhangers, no cheating, plenty of steam of a very happy ever after.

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Bride Wanted